My name is Adam Oldfield and I am running for Ward 4 Hamilton councillor because I believe that we need to trust and believe in our Hamilton Council again. I will work for you in Ward 4 Hamilton, and I will be your voice on issues in the City of Hamilton that matter, such as poverty, policing and safety, transit, roads maintenance, and red tape city hall. I will be Accountable, Dependable, and Transparent to advocating for the interests of my constituents and I will work hard to make Hamilton a better place for Ward 4 Hamilton.


I am excited to announce that I am running for Councillor in Ward 4 of Hamilton. I have always had an interest in politics and want to make a change as your City councillor Hamilton. I know that I can make a difference in our Ward 4 community and I am looking forward to being that choice on the ballot on Oct 24, 2022. I am committed to working hard for the residents of Ward 4 and I believe that I have the skills and experience to be an effective City Councillor in Hamilton. I look forward to meeting and talking with the you the people of Ward 4 Hamilton and I will work hard to earn your support. Thank you


Accountable, Dependable and Transparent

I have always stood by three principles: accountability, dependability and transparency. I have applied these three principles with my businesses which I operated in the east end of Hamilton for the past 25 years. My father taught me to continue these principles when my wife and I took over, Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning, from him and set up our business in Ward 4 Hamilton in 2020.I am accountable to my customers, my employees and my community. I am dependable and promise to provide the best possible service. I am transparent in my pricing and I will always be there to answer your questions. I would be honoured to serve as the city councillor in Ward 4 Hamilton.


I was born in Hamilton, educated in Hamilton, worked in Hamilton and have made the East end of Hamilton my home and where I work and employ Hamiltonians. I care about this city and its people, which is why I'm running to be your Ward 4 councillor. I have a deep understanding of the issues facing our community, and I know that I can make a difference. As your councillor, I will always put the needs of our community first. I will work tirelessly to address the city's concerns and to make Hamilton a better place for everyone.I am a business man who has owned and operated Hamilton businesses since 2003. I have been on 900 CHML for the past 6 years hosting TechTalk, teach at Mohawk College and was the field announcer for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the announcer for the Hamilton Raiders in 1998 before they moved to Toronto.I care about Hamilton and I know I can make a difference as city councillor for Ward 4 and represent the best interests of you the voter because this is my home, work and passion. I have watched Hamilton grow and change over the years.I want to contribute to that growth. I believe that by investing in our community, we can make Hamilton an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. I would be honoured to have your support as I seek election to Hamilton City Council representing Ward 4


Adam Oldfield knows a thing or two about success. Not only has he built a thriving career in radio and TV, but he is also an active member of the community. Adam is constantly striving to make the best of every situation, be it in the office, the community, or at home. His positive attitude and dedication to his work have earned him the respect of his peers and clients alike. Adam is a strong believer of many things, but some of the things he is most passionate about are his business ventures. To date, Adam has had an exciting career stretching from radio and TV, to performing live in front of over 30,000 people! His passion for his work is evident in everything he does, and it is this passion that has helped him achieve success both in his career and in his personal life. Adam's commitment to excellence is an inspiration to us all and his commitment to Ward 4 will show when elected October 22, 2022


Adam Oldfield and his wife Michelle Oldfield live in the East End of Hamilton and operate their business out of the area as well. The couple are actively involved in their community, giving their time and energy to different programs within Ward 4 Hamilton. Adam and Michelle have four children between their previous marriages, and they are both committed to supporting the local community. Adam is a strong supporter of assisting Junior Achievement and Inner City Children through his volunteering at Rotary Club of Hamilton and is involved in several charitable organizations throughout the city.Michelle Oldfield is a well-known member of the Hamilton business community. She has a long history of working with the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic School Board, and she is also a member of the Mohawks Bay of Quinte aboriginal tribe. Michelle's business, Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning, employs several native Hamiltonians who live in Ward 4. The Oldfields are a prime example of a family who is deeply committed to giving back to their community. She is also a strong advocate for education. Michelle's work has had a positive impact on the lives of many people in her community, and she is an excellent role model for other business owners.

Your Voice for Ward 4 Hamilton!

Adam Oldfield is a familiar voice to many in the Hamilton area. A graduate of Mohawk College's radio program, Adam got his start in the industry by assisting with weather and traffic information. He quickly migrated into the traffic scheduling department before becoming the promotion coordinator for 900 CHML from 1998 until 2000. During his time there, Adam was seen on almost every stage at every event and festival in the area, along with hosting the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. In 2017, Adam joined Bill Kelly to co-host TechTalk, a radio show dedicated to discussing all things technology. Adam is on temporary leave to focus on the campaign for Ward 4, but you can tune in every Friday at 11:30am to hear Adam Oldfield on TechTalk Radio!
ADAM OLDFIELD as Chris Farley (Dark Side of Comedy) 2022Adam Oldfield is a Non-Union Canadian actor and comedian who is known for his comedic approach and delivery. Adam has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years and has appeared in numerous television series and movies. In 2022, Adam was cast to be “Chris Farley” in a TV series “Dark Side of Comedy”.Adam’s comedic approach and delivery won him the role of Chris Farley showcasing that you can be serious and hilarious at the same time. Adam is a highly sought after actor for his comedic abilities as well as his dramatic range. Adam has the ability to make people laugh hysterically one minute and then move them to tears the next. This is what makes Adam such a successful actor and comedian. Adam’s ability to connect with an audience and make them feel emotions is what sets him apart from actors. His dark side of comedy reel will be released in the Fall of 2022 on major streaming platforms.Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning
Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning is a family business that has been passed down through the generations. Adam, the current owner, took over the business in 2018 from his father, who founded and operated the company since 1979. Adam learned the trade as a young man, helping his father in the duct cleaning business as a 1 man truck. Today, 40 years later, Vacu-Man duct cleaning is operating several trucks and works with commercial and home builders throughout the golden horseshoe area. The Vacu-Man team is proud to continue the tradition of providing high-quality duct cleaning services to their customer
FPM Marketing & Design Inc. was started by Adam on March 3, 2003, and has been evolving and expanding at every opportunity! FPM3 has grown from a one-man operation to a team of passionate individuals led by President, Adam Oldfield. With many years of experience under his belt, Adam continues to utilize his skills in the sales marketing industry today to maximize his full-service sales agency. FPM3 specializes in helping businesses with growing their online sales and assisting with revenue growth for businesses across Canada. FPM3 is dedicated to helping their clients grow and succeed.
Mohawk CollegeAdam has been a professor at Mohawk College since 2010, where he teaches part-time marketing and sales for the media studies program. He is passionate about teaching and helping his students to succeed in their chosen field. In addition to his work at Mohawk College, Adam also works as a consultant for various media companies, helping them to develop and implement effective marketing and sales strategies. He is an expert in his field and has been featured in various media across Canada. Adam is dedicated to his work and is always looking for new ways to help his students learn and grow. Adam is a board member of the PAC (Program Advisory Committee) for Mohawk College Radio and Creative ContentROTARY CLUB OF HAMILTON (and other charitable organizations)
Adam is a dedicated member of the Rotary Club of Hamilton and engaged in a number of local charitable organizations and causes.
Adam is currently a Board Member and involved in a number of projects and iniaitives benefiting children & youth. Adam has been involved in the annual Rotary Summer Literacy Program, COREKids After School Program and the Children’s Christmas Celebration.Adam has volunteered his time and talents and been engaged in a number of local initiatives including the City of Hamilton’s Adopt-a-Park Program, Team Up To Clean Up Program, emcee for Dr Bob Kemp Hospice fundraisers.Adam also helped with bringing and supporting Junior Achievement back to Hamilton and is a great role model for young entrepreneurs demonstrating the importance to giving back to the community.

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Ward 4 in Hamilton has been unrepresented for too long and it's time for a change. We need the support of Honest Representation from the people of Ward 4 in order to make this happen. There are many ways you can help our campaign and we would be grateful for any and all support. You can join our team by filling out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!


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Adam Oldfield is a voice that we need on Hamilton City Council. He is dedicated to his community and takes the time to listen to what people have to say. Adam has a fresh perspective and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He will be an excellent representative for Ward 4 Hamilton. Thank you for taking the time to send us your information. We will be in touch and please share with your neighbours to elect Adam Oldfield Ward 4 Hamilton.